Board and Chairmoms

We are thankful for all of the time and effort our board, chairmoms and committees dedicate to making our group successful.

This year’s board consists of:

President – Sarah Navin
Vice President – Christina Hannigan
Membership – Emily Struzik
Secretary – Jessica Whitmore
Treasurer – Jessica Strassman
Communications – Betsy Harrahy

This year’s chairmoms include:

Activities – Beth Gismondi
Family Events – Meagan Burglund
HopMoms Network – Beth Gerson / Linh DeCandia
Moms Night Out – Stefanie Stearman
Playgroups – Sophia Cho
Small Hands Big Hearts – Elizabeth Getchell
HopMoms Service – Shavonne Salerno

To contact our board, please email President, Sarah Navin, at


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