Q: We’re hoping to move to Hopkinton, can I join the Hopkinton Moms Group?

Congratulations! We look forward to meeting you once you settle in. Since the Hopkinton Moms Group is only open to current residents of Hopkinton, we do ask you to wait to join until you have a residency address in town.

Q: Is there a membership fee?

The Hopkinton Moms Group requires a small annual membership fee of $45 (dues may be waived in case of financial hardship). We are a non-profit and our group is entirely volunteer-run, so all membership fees go directly toward club expenses, projects, and donations.

Q: I’m interested in serving on a committee, what should I do?

After joining, please reach out to our President and she can put you in touch with the current Chairmom. We love when new moms get involved. In fact it’s how we grow. The more the merrier!

Q: Do my children need to be a certain age to join?

We have moms join us as soon as they find out they are expecting as well as moms of high schoolers.  Your children don’t have to be a certain age (although you do need to have children that are still living in the home).  Our activities are typically geared towards infants through about 4th or 5th grade.

Q: Is this group just for stay at home moms?

Definitely not!  The Hopkinton Moms Group supports all moms—full-time working moms, part-time working moms, and stay at home moms.

Q: Can I join a playgroup through the Moms Group?

Yes, our Playgroup Coordinator organizes our playgroups and will help you make a connection with moms who have similarly aged children.  You can email our Playgroup Coordinator throughout the year to inquire about joining a group.

Q: I’m looking for a specific activity for my child, what should I do?

The Hopkinton Moms Group survives on volunteerism.  If you are interested in an activity, we encourage you to host it. Anyone can host an activity. You pick the activity, date, time, and location and the Activities Committee takes care of the rest. If you are interested in hosting an event, please reach out to our President and she can connect you with our Activities Chairmom.

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