Playgroups & Children’s Activities


Playgroups offer moms and their children a chance to get together based on their preferred schedule.

Recurring Playgroups: Groups are usually formed quarterly and are based on children’s ages. This is the chance to share the experiences, fears, and joys that motherhood brings with each new stage of your child’s development.

Open Playgroups: We also offer monthly open playgroups, with rotating hosts.  This allows for more flexibility for those moms who feel they can’t commit to a more routine playgroup.


Children’s Activities

Our children’s activities give kids a chance to meet other kids, to learn a new skill, or just to have fun. We offer a variety of activities for each age group from infants through school-aged children.  From simple park-meet ups, to arts and crafts projects, to trips to museums, these activities help keep your week and weekends busy and fun!



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