Welcoming Committee & MOMS/Service Committee

Welcoming Committee

Joining a new community can be difficult and taking the first steps can be hard no matter how big  or small that community may be.  Our HopMoms recognize that about our own group and want to make onboarding as easy and comfortable as possible.  Therefore when you become a member, our Welcoming Committee will do their best to invite you to events, check up on you, provide information, etc. all in an effort to help you feel more comfortable diving into all the wonderful ways our group celebrates being our own little community.

MOMS Committee

Our MOMS (Moms Offering More Support) is a great way to provide support to members through ways of events, support groups and other more personal options as well.

  • Comfort Baskets:  This group puts together Comfort Basket meal trains for any family in need.  Whether bringing home a new baby, having surgery, or dealing with a family illness, at your request, we will put together whatever it is your family needs including but not limited to meals, cleaning services, rides for family members, etc.
  • Sip ‘n’ Learns:  Several times throughout the year, we provide learning opportunities for parents. These learning workshops can include selecting a preschool, potty training, positive discipline, preventing bullying, etc. Our board focuses on providing fresh workshops based on the current interests of the group.
  • Support Groups:  Whether a night celebrating each other’s successes and/or game nights incorporating questions about parenting, support group meetups provide a safe place where moms can bring some of their concerns and struggles and where they can get support.

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